Job description Chief Engineer
As the Chief Engineer you have ultimate responsibility for all the activities on board relevant to the technical maintenance of the ship, in line with the shipping company's policy. You are in charge of the machine room staff and are able to motivate and train the crew.

Job requirements
•    the ability to keep a grip on the situation and set the right priorities under any and all circumstances
•    flexibility, inventiveness and a great sense of responsibility
•    a practical attitude and team spirit
•    in possession of valid endorsement "Chief Engineer all ships" or up to 3000 kW
•    experience of maintenance programmes
•    practical experience of working with computers, Word and Excel
•    good communicative skills

Job description Second Engineer
As the Second Engineer you are able to carry out machine room tasks on sea and in port, and to localise and rectify simple faults. You also supervise the engine room and are able to temporarily take on the tasks of the Chief Engineer.

Job requirements
•    you enjoy working as part of a team in order to achieve the best results
•    safely and efficiently undertaking technical work and maintenance on mechanical equipment and technical units, both on board and in the machine room
•    good communicative skills
•    in possession of valid endorsement "Second Engineer all ships" or "Second Engineer, up to 3000kW"

For more information please contact Amarens van der Veer of our Crewing Department.