Vision & mission Vision & mission
> Flexible, competitive and sustainable

At CFL, we want to distinguish ourselves by offering a flexible, sustainable service, with competitive freight and charter rates, able to meet current and future demand in specific segments of the international short-sea market. We can rely on our broad expertise in project and fleet management, which is partly contributed by our partners, as well as years of practical experience in successfully operating ships in the main traffic flows. Thanks to our modern fleet, we can also ensure a higher delivery reliability, as well as offering attractive working conditions and career opportunities to our staff whether at sea and ashore. We think it’s this combination of advantages that offers the best guarantee for our continued success.

> Head start in a growth market

We anticipated a growing market in the short-sea segment. Because of the further development of the hub-and-spoke structure in international sea transport, in the coming years short sea’s share of the total sector will grow faster than any other area Moreover, there is increasing demand for dry bulk shipping capacity able to transport both containers and project cargoes of variable dimensions to destinations that demand a low draught, have extreme climatic conditions, or are hard to reach due to lack of sufficient handling capacity.

This is why we chose to build our own fleet, to our own specifications, in the Netherlands, with Peters Shipyards as our partner. Our Jumbo 6500s (with a capacity of 6500 DWT) and new Sole 10,000 series (10,000 DWT) were conceived and developed in response to current and future market demand for flexible transport capacity.

Our ships are therefore able to carry several types of cargo, and their cargo areas (above and below deck) can be adjusted for (project) cargos with unusual specifications. With less power (and thus lower fuel costs as well as lower CO2 emissions), they nevertheless achieve the same cruising speed as competitor ship types, while their shallow draughts and enhanced ice-worthiness mean that they can access ports that other types of ships are unfit for. Our fleet also meets the most current classification requirements for multi-purpose vessels and is founded on solid financial ground. Last but not least, our ships are attractive work environments for our seafaring staff.

Our organisation too is the product of a different way of thinking. We are organised on the principle of ‘lean and mean,’ allowing us to free up more time and management attention in order to excel at our core functions.