Perfect launch for Motion Scan

Perfect launch for Motion Scan


After 11 launchings with great weather conditions, CFL and Peters Shipyards were ready for typical Dutch rainy weather on the launching day. Tents were placed in the launching area to protect our guest against the rain, but they also proved to be guite usefull as a shelter against the hot sun! As Kees Koolhof mentioned in his speech 'If you ever want to organize a barbeque and you want a fine-weather guarantee... make sure to pick one of our launching dates!"

The christening ceremony of the Motion Scan was performed by Laura Laue, wife of Hans Laue of Gisholt Shipping and long time business partner and friend of Kees Koolhof. All in all a beautifull day and a smooth launching celebrated with great friends!

It will take another 7 weeks before the vessel is completely finished and ready for her sea trials. Delivery of the Motion Scan is scheduled for November 24th 2011 at Harlingen, The Netherlands.

Please have a look at the launching pictures!

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