Martini Scan delivered to CFL

Martini Scan delivered to CFL


The delivery of the Martini Scan took place on Tuesday the 22nd of May, a few days ahead of the scheduled delivery date. The vessels cargo was eagerly waiting to be shipped and therefore CFL had asked Peters Shipyards last minute for the possibllity to deliver the vessel a few days ahead of schedule. Peters Shipyards did everything in their power to make the deadline with the result that the vessel was ready to go and in excellent condition on this sunny Tuesday afternoon.

The Martini Scan sailed from Harlingen early wednesdaymorning with destination Brake, Germany where she will load a full cargo of windmills under deck. After completion she will sail to Marin in Spain where additional windmill towers will be loaded on deck. Final destination of the cargo is Bandirma, Turkey. After discharging the vessel will depart from the Ukrain on a 14.000 nm trip to Port Alma in Australia.

All in all, she's off with a great start! CFL wishes the Vessel and it's crew safe and successfull voyages.

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