Handover and maiden voyage of Motion Scan

Handover and maiden voyage of Motion Scan


With the succesful handover of the 'Motion Scan' the CFL fleet grows to 12 vessels.

Cold and foggy weatherconditions couldn't break the great atmosphere on the bridge of the Motion Scan, where CFL and Peters' staff gathered for the formal handover of the vessel. All present agreed that Peters Shipyard once again did a marvellous job! With the official flag ceremony where the CFL flag was hoisted into the fore mast, the formal part was done and a great fireworks show was launched from the deck.

Captain Remeeus also took the opportunity to award the crewmembers that were with him on the 'Momentum Scan' during the rescue operation in the Adriatic earlier this year, with a personal award for their exceptional bravery during the rescue. The captain was officially awarded with the IMO award for 'Exceptional bravery at Sea' in London earlier this week, but made it very clear during his speech this it was a team effort, and the rescue wouldn't have succeeded without the help of his brave and resolute crew!

The Motion Scan sailed on the 24th to Uddevalla/Sweden for it's maiden-voyage where she will load a full cargo with destination Port Alma and Newcastle in Australia. The vessel will cross the Atlantic Ocean, sail through the Panama Canal and continue her voyage 'down under' via the South Pacific Ocean, a voyage that will take about 40 days. Young mr. Morton Moelgaard Moeller (who actually fixed the cargo) of Scan-Trans in Naestved will join the Motion Scan on her first leg to Sweden, in order to grow his 'sea legs'.

CFL wishes Captain and crew of the Motion Scan a safe but also a very enjoyable voyage!
Please have a look at the pictures of the delivery.

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