Crew of 'Momentum Scan' saves 226 from drowning

Crew of 'Momentum Scan' saves 226 from drowning


The Dutch-flagged cargo vessel 'Momentum Scan' today carried out a rescue operation in the Adriatic at around 03.00 hours local time. The heroic efforts of the 11-man crew of Momentum Scan resulted in a total of 226 people being rescued from a wooden boat with a length of about 20 metres that was making water. The boat broke in two and sank immediately after the rescue operation. Unfortunately an as yet unknown number of people from the wooden boat are still missing. The weather at the time of the rescue was stormy (Bft 7 to 8) and there was a heavy swell.

It is highly likely that the shipwreck victims, the origin of whom is unclear, are victims of human trafficking. The shipwreck victims, some of whom had injuries and many were suffering from hypothermia, were taken very good care of by the crew of the Momentum Scan and given food, drink and blankets. Some of them were also treated in the ship’s hospital.

The rescue operation was coordinated by the Greek coastguard, which subsequently directed Momentum Scan to Corfu City, the capital of the Greek island of Corfu. The victims disembarked in Corfu City during the course of that afternoon. The Momentum Scan expects soon to be able to resume its voyage to Ukraine.

The Momentum Scan is owned by the Dutch shipping company CFL ( The ship was built in the Netherlands just a few months ago and is managed by the Utrecht-based CFL Shipmanagement BV. The ship is commanded by Dutch captain Martin Remeeus.

There is no doubt that the prompt arrival of Momentum Scan at the scene and the effective action of its crew prevented the loss of the wooden boat and all those on board.

The shareholders and board of directors are therefore extremely proud of this heroic action on the part of its crew whilst regretting the harrowing and inhuman circumstances that prompted it. The board of directors of CFL Shipmanagement BV will keep you informed of any further developments.

The Board of Directors of CFL Shipmanagement BV
Utrecht, 16 January 2011 (15.15 hours)


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