Press release - CFL takes over Greenfleet Crew BV

Press release - CFL takes over Greenfleet Crew BV


Shipping company CFL is taking over Greenfleet Crew BV, a division of Holland Ship Service (HSS). The managing directors, Kees Koolhof / Mark Nieuwland for CFL and Peter Meijer for HSS, have reached agreement on this. CFL is taking over all of the rights and obligations under the existing employment relationships with seafarers and office staff. According to Kees Koolhof of CFL the transfer of Greenfleet to CFL offers the personnel involved job security and good career and development prospects.

It had already been clear to HSS for some time that it would be divesting the crewing activities. These plans gained momentum when it was announced that the five Greenfleet vessels crewed by HSS were to be sold. It was evident that Greenfleet Crew would therefore no longer be able to offer jobs for its twenty-five or so mostly Dutch and Belgium engineers, marine officers and captains.

CFL on the other hand is working on extending its existing fleet of 13 multipurpose vessels (from 6,500 to 10,000 DWT). The ‘Industrial More’, the fifth ship in the Sole 10,000 series, will be leaving the slips of Peters Shipyards in Kampen at the beginning of next year. The last ship in this series, the ‘Industrial Merchant’ will be delivered to CFL at the end of 2013. There are also detailed plans for more shipbuilding projects. Kees Koolhof: ‘It is our business philosophy to entrust the command of our ships to experienced officers with a feel for the CFL culture and who act as an extension of our market strategy. Also, we are always on the lookout for good engineers. That means that the arrival of these new colleagues turned out well for us: I’m sure it won’t be long before they feel at home with us.

CFL was established in 2006. With its young (the average age of the ships is 3.5 years) fleet of multipurpose and project cargo vessels built in the Netherlands, it concentrates on a niche market in the struggling world of international shipping. The CFL vessels feature a substantially lower fuel consumption level and lower emissions than vessels of comparable size, and also have the advantage of being designed to transport and independently load and unload project cargoes of non-standard dimensions. This special focus means that CFL is troubled less by the continuous downward pressure on prices in the regular market for bulk and container sea freight. Furthermore, the company recently initiated a merger between Scan-Trans and Intermarine resulting in acquiring an interest in Intermarine, the world’s strongest project cargo operator. The company has thus substantially extended its commercial network, which now numbers 19 offices all over the world.

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