CFL donates to victims of hurricane Philipines

CFL donates to victims of hurricane Philipines


Dear clients, partners, and fellow workers of CFL,
Haiyan hit the Philippines on an unprecedented scale. Entire families were drowned by the floods that followed the typhoon; children were orphaned; cities, homes and factories destroyed. It will take years and years for all the material damage to be restored and the psychological wounds may never heal.

Naturally our sympathy goes out to the victims and their loved ones, particularly because many of our colleagues on the CFL fleet originate from the Philippines. Therefore we have decided not to send the traditional attentions and seasonal greetings to our clients, partners and employees this year. Instead, CFL will donate an appropriate amount to Giro 555 *, an amount that will hopefully make a small difference in this immense disaster. We are certain that our decision can count on your full support.

As CFL want to thank you for your support and wish you, your family and your company a prosperous and carefree 2014!

Best regards,
Team CFL
* (Giro 555 is the general account of all the organisations in the Netherlands that aid the Philippines)

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