CFL and Global Crew join forces

CFL and Global Crew join forces


CFL Crew Management BV and Global Crewmanagement BV set up CFL Global Crew BV: a joint venture for manning the CFL fleet

The crew offices CFL Crew Management BV and Global Crewmanagement BV have joined forces. They have started a 50/50 joint venture under the name CFL Global Crew BV, the main aim of which is to be able to guarantee the high-quality, long-term manning of the fast-growing fleet of CFL ships. This also contributes to upscaling, and the pool of available sailors is extended considerably in this way. For the non-Dutch crew of the CFL fleet, the partnership has the advantage that there is a direct employer relationship and they can be offered more legal security.

On behalf of CFL Global Crew BV, the existing agreements with its agents Blue Manila Inc. on the Philippines and Global Crew Odessa in Ukraine will be renewed. This means that the employment contracts of crew employed through them will be legally anchored in the new organisation. The substance of the crew contracts will remain the same.

There have been intensive contacts between CFL and the Groningen company Global Crewmanagement for quite some time. "When CFL started in 2004, Global Crewmanagement took care of the recruitment and selection of office and maritime staff for CFL. After that, CFL Crew Management was established, as manning the ships is considered a core competency within CFL. But as CFL has become a global player, with some 500 seafarers contracted directly or indirectly (via our agents), a further step had to be taken. From that perspective, it makes sense that the contacts with Global Crewmanagement, which has about 2400 seafarers, have now been upgraded to the level of a joint venture. Linking our knowledge and networks creates added value for both strategic partners." 

That added value mainly means that Global Crew Management will now recruit and select non-Dutch crew for the entire fleet of CFL, and that CFL in turn can make use of the expertise and recruitment and selection strength of its partner. The facilitating services for seafarers will also improve, as the larger scope of the operation leads to increased quality and efficiency. Planning voyages, applying for the required documents and providing the correct equipment will all be upscaled.

An additional advantage is that CFL, as the employer, becomes directly visible, which means that it will be better able to strengthen solidarity among CFL crews and boost its own identity. The maritime staff will find that the new structure enhances their options. The joint venture mans a very diverse fleet, which is attractive in terms of gradual career development and offers more opportunities for broadening knowledge and skills.

Other than that, the seafarers on the CFL fleet will notice little of the organisational changes. The Dutch staff will continue to work under contract for CFL Crew Management.

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