Momentum Scan awarded with Clean Ship Notation

Momentum Scan awarded with Clean Ship Notation


The Momentum Scan has been granted the Bureau Veritas CLEANSHIP (C) additional class notation. The notation, assigned to ships fitted with the latest equipment and arrangements enabling them to control and limit the emission of polluting substances in the sea and the air, highlights CFL's commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable shipping.


To this end a number of features have been installed on board. For instance, the ships are equipped with a waste management system, including separated storage facilities to enable effective on board retention, as well as a sewage treatment plant. All machinery space bilges and spaces containing hydraulic equipment are drained into a bilge holding tank (separate and independant from the sludge tanks) before separation and oil filtration or discharge ashore. In addition a 15 ppm oil water separator with bilge alarm & automatic stop has been installed. A number of oil spill prevention measures have been implemented, such as overflow systems for all oil tanks, as well as a type approval oil sealing glands for the tailshaft. Also a type approved anti-fouling paint, free of TBT, has been applied on the underwater hull. (TBT's are toxic chemicals that are often used in hull paint and cause irreversable damage to the aquatic life)


The Momentum Scan also complies with the requirements of the Balast Water Management Convention, even as this convention has not entered into force yet. The fact that CFL is running ahead of the current requirements and regulations can be described as unique.


Wilfred Hemme
HSE Manager CFL Shipmanagement
(Health Safety & Environment)

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