5 Years special survey for CFL Perfect

5 Years special survey for CFL Perfect


Bremerhaven, Germany. Already 5 years have passed since the launching of CFL Perfect in 2009, time flies! Time for her 5 years special survey at Bredo in Bremerhaven. During an intensive 10 day docking period under constant supervision of CFL's superintendent Jan Voortman, the personell of Bredo together with the vessels crew and local suppliers did an excellent job in bringing the CFL Perfect into mint condition and preparing and upgrading her for the next 5 years, according to the latest as well as future rules and regulations.

The CFL Perfect is the first vessel in the CFL fleet that is equipped with Hempel 'Hempaquard X7', an advanced fouling control coating with high solids content. The product provides a smooth, low surface energy, repellent surface with unique fouling control properties. A hydro gel micro layer prevents fouling organisms firmly adhering while the silicone polymers facilitate self-cleaning. It therefore possesses a high fuel saving potential of roughly 8%, maintaining our corporate philosophy by building and operating high quality 'green vessels' with low fuel consumption and therefore lower impact on the environment.

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