Dutch flagged Dutch flagged

> CFL, the shipowner
In addition to the day-to-day running of the company, CEO Kees Koolhof and his staff are primarily responsible for defining its business and marketing strategy, coordinating the financing and construction of the fleet, maintaining contacts with (co-) shareholders and partners, and general accountability for the business results. In view of CFL's ambitious commitments and plans, Kees Koolhof felt the need for support and natural checks and balances on a management level within CFL. Having been involved with CFL since ultimo 2005, Mark Nieuwland has become part of the CFL management team as CFO in 2010.

All matters are coordinated on a daily basis with CFL Shipmanagement in Amsterdam. CFL's vessels are registered at the company’s address in Groningen, and therefore sail under the Dutch flag.

> CFL Shipmanagement, the manager
The actual management of the ships has been transferred to CFL Shipmanagement, a wholly owned subsidiary of CFL based in Amsterdam. The recruitment of crews, technical management of the fleet and contact with charterers and operators are all coordinated from here.