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As of the end of February 2013 the 18 employees of CFL Shipmanagement enjoy a new working environment on a illustrious spot. From their new offices they oversee the IJ, the waterway that brought Amsterdam its Golden Age and that still is the centre of maritime life in the fourth port of Europe. The monumental railway station is only a couple of minutes walk, just as the canals of the city itself, and from the CFL-offices you have a fine view on the Amsterdam Eye, a new architectural highlight on the northern shore of the Dutch capital. But the main characteristic of this new location is the way its interior has been decorated. The design suits a company that is aiming to be the worlds first Cradle-to-Cradle® maritime shipper.

The concept that is used is developed by an almost next door neighbour, architect and Cradle-to-Cradle®-specialist Thomas Rau. Rau believes in what he calls Turntoo. It is based on the theory of ‘performance-based consumption’; since there is a growing scarcity of resources people and organizations should no longer be interested in owning the (office)equipment they live in or work with and in, but just use it for a select period of time and subsequently be able to return it to their suppliers. It differs from traditional lease-constructions by the fact that Turntoo is a cycle where resources will be kept for the future. The resources being used in building the desks our CFL-colleagues work on, the chairs they sit on, the carpets they walk on and the lights they use (among others) are being re-used in a second lifecycle and so forth. The big advantage of Turntoo is that the participating parties, such as Steelcase Solutions (office furniture), Desso (carpets manufacturing), Philips (illumination) and Mosa (ceramics), all give a guarantee that they will recollect their products and materials after the contract period and that they will design their products in a way that makes re-use of all resources possible and relatively easy. Or as Thomas Rau puts it: ‘The product becomes a valuable resources-bank for just a limited period of time’.

‘A Juicy Red Apple’ is a projectfurnisher operating solely on the basis of a sustainable working method. It has developed the plan for the implementation of the concept into the interior design. In this project the company acted as a partner of Turntoo and is a specialist in the field in providing interiors based on usage, rather than possession. ‘A Juicy Red Apple’ has completely abandoned this classic model, in favor of a model based on the Turntoo-principle to pay according to usage. The interiordesign was done by Melle Koot, a Dutch designer who works according to the Cradle to Cradle®-principles, who was involved as adviser, manager and designer in the project.

CFL is glad to be able to use this sustainable concept in their Amsterdam-offices, says CEO Kees Koolhof. ‘To us it is a logical next step in our Cradle-to-Cradle® ambitions. At the moment we are studying how to apply the Turntoo-principle in the design of the interiors of the crew facilities on our vessels. But there is still a long way to go because of safety-regulations and specific maritime conditions.’